Translation is a professional service
Translation impacts on the image of your company and helps you penetrate foreign markets, therefore broadens your range of clients and sales. It enables you to communicate and export your products or services while preserving your identity. As any business service, quality translation has a cost.

Translation is a customised service
Working with a freelance translator guarantees a privileged business relationship and ensures you receive a dedicated service customised to your needs. Your business will benefit from a long term partnership with a freelance translator that will ensure consistency throughout your documents and a strong trustworthy relationship.

A translator asks questions
To guarantee that the translation fits the purpose, your translator needs to know contextual information surrounding the translation, such as the recipient's profile or the reason for the translation (is it legally binding or informative?) This will ensure the meaning is conveyed properly while remaining faithful to the source text.

A translator is not a bilingual dictionary
A translator is more competent translating from a foreign language (source) into his/her native language (target) than the other way round. A translator uses dictionaries, glossaries and consults experts to be up to date with the knowledge in the field where he/she works. Translating requires more than speaking another language.

A translator is not an interpreter
A translator works on written communication and would not be suitable for interpretation unless qualified as an interpreter as well.

A major misconception about translation and translators:
"That marketing copy that took a team of 20 people two months to put together can be translated overnight by one person and still retain the same impact as the original."

Guide to buying a translation
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